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    The Eatery experiment

    I just downloaded “The Eatery” on my Iphone. Its a fun (can be addicitve) experiment and I believe way more effective then counting calories.

    The Eatery is an experimental iPhone App that takes a different approach to improving your health by tracking what you eat.Unlike other health apps, The Eatery doesn’t watch how many calories you’re eating. Instead, it tracks your overall eating trends to figure out your eating habits and where you should make changes to improve your health.

    The Eatery accomplishes this by asking users to snap a picture of the food they’re eating and swiping to indicate the serving size of what they’re eating. The Eatery then sends the picture to others using the app, where they will be able to rate the food you’re eating. By taking these photos for several days, patterns will begin to emerge. When are you eating your biggest servings? When do you eat the healthiest? Have you made improvements in your diet, or are you still eating junk?

    The app lets you view your eating history through elegant photo montages — all the while it solicits the participation of you and you friends to rate each other’s dishes and keep your friends on task through commenting.

    “Share your eating goals and food snaps with a network of friends and family. They’ll let you know when you’re on the right track and give you a nudge in the right direction if you get distracted,” co-founder Aza Raskin tellsMashable.

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